Sea Peril
Series: Darnley Mills - book 3 of 9
Published: 1966
Publisher: OUP

Synopsis: Sea Peril (Modern Cycle) It's intriguing to watch how the boys remain closely tied as friends even as their different character traits mark them out more and more as distinct and remarkable individuals. This book gives full rein to Peter's obsession with inventions and Arthur's passion for cricket. Arthur also learns the emotional discomfort and upset that can be caused by standing by his principles and declaring openly what he knows to be the truth. A journey upriver in their converted punt puts all three boys on collision course with the redoubtable Lady Bridgebolton, with the extreme forces of nature and with the malevolence of a selfish loud-mouth. Behind it all lurks the story of the Roman signal station and Marcus, the saintly centurion. David's courage is put to the test in a remarkable climax.

First Edition