The Grange at High Force
Series: Darnley Mills - book 2 of 9
Published: 1965
Publisher: OUP
Awards: Carnegie Medal 1965

Synopsis: The Grange at High Force (Modern Cycle) (Carnegie Medal Winner) Into the cycle of stories come more new characters whose influence is to expand the world of Arthur, Peter and David as each year passes by. One new link the boys forge is to the small valley settlement of Abbey Grange and another is to the world of ships and naval men. This story belongs as much on the high Yorkshire moors as it does in All Saints Church in Darnley Mills. There is another mystery to be solved; there is fun to be had in constructing a Roman ballista and there is danger to be faced when the blizzard closes round them once more.

First Edition

The Grange at High Force
1965 children's novel by Philip Turner

The Grange at High Force is a children's novel by Philip Turner, published by Oxford in 1965 with illustrations by William Papas. It was the second book published in the author's Darnley Mills series. Turner won the annual Carnegie Medal, recognising the year's best children's book by a British subject.

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