War on the Darnel
Ref: 3554
Series: Darnley Mills - book 5 of 9
Published: 1969
Publisher: OUP

Synopsis: War on the Darnel (Modern Cycle) Into the hills above Darnley Mills lead both the river and railway. The "Mad Yankee" millionaire who wants to reopen the old line has not foreseen the opposition of Lady Bridgebolton whose land it crosses. However, the old lady has not taken into account the resourcefulness of her grand-daughter, Lady Jane, and the firmness of her friendship with Peter, David and Arthur. Only the little girl knows that in a shed on the estate is a relic from the past that turns out to have a profound significance for David. Downstream from Darnley Mills lies the estuary and the new home of the retired Admiral. On an island the deadly rivals of our old friends lie in wait to play their part in the war between schoolboys that is about to break out. None of them can suspect that after the campaign is over the weather will change and the real danger begin. All the boys know that the time for youthful adventures will be soon over and they will have to face the real world.

First Edition